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Preserving the old. Creating the new.

ZUBER & SALZMANN see themselves as space artists.

Franziska Zuber design pedagogue iac SVEB and Thomas Salzmann, with many years of experience in artistic craftsmanship, combine in their work the traditional craftsmanship with a high artistic design influence.


Wooden stamps created with contemporary design and for printing,(model)

ZUBER & SALZMANN create wallpapers between tradition and contemporary art.


The preparatory work and printing process are carried out exclusively by hand. This causes colour breaks within the printed image due to uneven pressure distribution. These colour breaks, as well as overlaps, shifts in the print image and the brush strokes created by applying the colour are characteristic of the works of ZUBER & SALZMANN.


ZUBER & SALZMANN work in the field of applied art and design.


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Zuber & Salzmann 

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